No flac stream for radio paradise?

Hi everyone! Not sure if I am missing something but I cannot get a flac stream through my network bridge for radio paradise. I have to go back to my zenith3 and go through usb and bypass the bridge which is a real pity as was most looking forward to hear it run through the bridge. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please? Many thanks Chris

Hi Chris, are you using Mosiac because it’s available via the radio option there?

Alternatively, before I had my Bartok and was using Mconnect to control my Melco, I set up the following streams for Radio Paradise:


I haven’t tried those for a while so not sure if they still work or if that helps.

Regards, Mike

Thank you Mike! I can get the aac 320 but not flac.I will try again later and report how it goes. Thanks again Chris

See a similar thread from May 2019:

No HLS support has been added since although I suspect that it would only happen when the next Mosaic version is released (if then as I am presuming it may require licensing from Apple).

As for FLAC Mosaic only lists AAC 320K feeds for the various versions of Radio Paradise. Carrying out a dipstick test of the stations offered as “High Quality” these all appear to be stations using higher rate lossy codecs.

As Andrew has already stated that FLAC is technically supported by Mosaic then this points to the radio aggregator (airable) not having FLAC links in their catalogue. If that is so there isn’t anything that dCS can do about it beyond asking.

As this topic has been going on for well over a year now I wonder if dCS would kindly give an update on the situation?