No bbc stations

Hi just wondered if anyone might know why im on able to play any BBC radio stations ,on my bartok, the information about the station is on the screen but no sound.thanks

Without further information the most likely explanation is that you have inadvertently engaged the “mute” function, especially easy to do if you are using Mosaic . It’s the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen.

NB: why is there a photo of chapter 32 of the book you are reading as part of your post?

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Hi ,thanks for the information , it only happens with BBC stations and all others are playing fine.

As I said in my earlier message :

Which implies that I am going to need more details to think about this more fully.

Are you in the UK?

How are you trying to listen to the BBC stations? Are you using Mosaic and the radio selection provided in the “services” section to do this? Or are you using BBC Sounds or the station’s web page via AirPlay or using a computer with, say, USB connection?

Are you using other sources such as local file replay or, for example, replay from a CD spinner without any issues? Are other non-BBC stations playing OK?

Which of the BBC stations are you finding this with ? Please let me know and identify some examples.

I look forward to your response. However I need to check the stations once I have your further details. Unfortunately I cannot do this today as my DAC and Upsampler are not with me as they have been serviced. This has been completed and my dealer will return them on Monday afternoon.

I now have my Vivaldi back and whilst the various BBC radio logos remain there are now no BBC stations aside from Radio 3 available for replay via airable. I assume that they have now been moved to the new platform which is not compatible with airable or dCS. I am therefore now using BBC Sounds and listening to them via AirPlay and dCS.

For us Roon users, it seems the situation isn’t as dire. If I search for “BBC” under Live Radio, I get a bunch of BBC streams, and they play too. Usually in AAC 96kbps, which is kinda OK (way better than 128kbps MP3).

Exception is in fact BBC Radio 3, which does show up as 128kbps MP3 :frowning:

Edit: nope, seems I had some old link still in my library. After deleting it and adding back, BBC Radio 3 is now in AAC 96kbps too.

in Canada bbc radio 3 comes in as 128 kb MP3 via mosaic / airable. Through roon it comes in as Paul notes above as AAC 24khz 96kbs. Not horrible but not great

Hi Pete,

The shoutcast switch off isn’t (or shouldn’t be) for several months yet - Michael reported this as an issue a few days ago and we are looking into it.

We have been working on HLS support for some time so If it does turn out that they have dropped the service early then we do already have something in progress but we are still testing that and weren’t planning on releasing it for a little while yet as the shoutcast switch-off isn’t due til summer.



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BBC Radio should now be back up - please let me know if not.

Thanks Phil - now all present and correct. Fingers crossed for later in the year then.