No airplay to dCS available from ipad

I have been using airplay from my ipad air 2 successfully to stream podcasts etc. to my Vivaldi Upsampler.

Today I am unable to select the Upsampler as the playback target as the ipad will not show it as a device to select. It is only showing itself as the playback destination.

I have tried rebooting both ipad and Upampler but that made no difference.

Both ipad and Upsampler are connected to the network and Mosaic is working fine, Just no discovery of the Upsampler for airplay by ipad .

Any ideas?

Any changes on your network equipment? For example, if you own Ubiquity gear, has it updated itself by any chance? I have once lost “localdomain” resolution like this before, with an update that reset that setting. If this is not the case, consider two troubleshooting avenues: 1) Rename your Upsampler (connect to its IP address via Browser) and then restart the device; 2) Do a factory reset altogether. Hope this helps

EDIT: By any chance, do you have some other iOS device, like a Macbook or iPhone to see if their Airplay works?

Thanks Spear. No Ubiquity gear and Upsampler has the same address as before. No other IOS devices either.

However airplay did give a message that it was closing wifi connection until tomorrow ( why?). As far as I am concerned I have reconnected it but even though it now appears as a live connection in ipad settings I wonder.

Pete, if you haven’t changed anything with your setup, the most likely culprit of the odd behaviour is the iPad/iOS. You might want to reset its network settings; Settings —> General —> Reset —> “Reset Network Settings”

Hopefully that fixes the problem.

FYI, the way your iPad/iOS discovers your Upsampler as an Airplay end-point is via Apple’s Bonjour protocol which uses multicast DNS (mDNS) for service discovery. So, any issues your network has with multicast could also lead to discovery problems. But if it used to work perfectly before and you haven’t changed anything on your network, then it should not be an issue.

That “Closing WiFi till Tomorrow” message by the way occurs when you’ve been toggling the WiFi button on the iPad’s Control Centre (a swipe down from the top right of the iPad’s screen). Toggling that WiFi button back to Blue will fix that.

Thanks Anup as always. I did try toggling the wifi button so that returned to blue yesterday but …still no airplay.

Today I switched it on and no problems at all, it worked immediately. So who knows what the issue was?