Nice New Bartók

My new Bartók arrived today, three weeks earlier than the eight weeks quoted. I opted for the non headphone amp version.
Even though the Bartók was stone cold, it was evident by the end of the first song that this is going to be an outstanding piece of kit. I’ve had the Network Bridge on loan whilst waiting for the Bartók to arrive, and as great as the Bridge is, the Bartók takes it to a totally different level.


Congrats on the new gear! What was your DAC before the Bartok?

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Hi Greg…Thank you :+1:

I was using a Matrix Audio, Pro Sabre MQA DAC. On it’s own, connected directly to my Roon Nucleus by USB. Then lastly, until yesterday with a dCS Network Bridge.

Congratulations David. Over the next week and thereon you are going to find good things about the music that you like that you never expected even existed!

I will just use this opportunity to mention something I often do, taking account of your comment :

I am sure that you may already be aware of this but please use the network connection to the Bartok if you are able to. That pays big dividends in sound quality.

Congrats David. Did you put your new Bartók on your top shelf?

Thank you Pete for your kind words :+1:

Funnily enough, right out of the box and stone cold…revealed Paul McCartney tapping the side of his acoustic guitar with a plectrum on ‘Blackbird’. I’ve played that song a million times and never heard that before!
Yes, I’m a Beatles fan!


Thank you Erno

Do you mean like this? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Great! :grin:

Now start saving for the Rossini clock. You want it, after the first year with Bartók.


Aren’t we all? One thing I found out when I got my Vivaldi was how much better the much maligned original 1987 George Martin mastered UK CDs are in comparison to the 2008 remasterings. All of the air and ease of the original LP pressings that is missing from the 2008 versions now revealed.

Presumably that is your good self at Abbey Road. I lived around the corner for a short spell in the 1970s and was amused by all of the grafiti written by tourists on the roadside wall. No doubt they thought that they had left their permanent mark not realising that every month or so someone from the studio would come out with a pot of white and paint them over.

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Pete…Forgot to mention in my last message. Yes, I’ve always used an Ethernet cable with the Bridge, and now the Bartók.

Yes, that’s me sitting on the very steps that The Beatles sat on. I have been into the Studios twice now. This included a talk by Recording Engineer Ken Scott, in the famous Studio Two, and a visit into the ‘Control Room’, where George Martin worked his magic. They have some very serious B&Ws in there. Sorry for the photos, but I’m very proud of them. :wink:


We’ll have to see about that…How much better could it possibly get?! :smile:

Just enjoy now, and perhaps demo later, and then you will know, and regret you did not start saving earlier! :laughing:


Erno is, of course, correct. Start saving :wink:

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And what appear to be ATCs above the meter bridge.


Congrats on the Bartok, it really is an excellent piece of equipment. I’m very pleased with mine and am learning to appreciate what the clock brings :grinning:


Ermos…also wants to spend my money on a Clock!:joy:
Seriously though, I will consider it next year. However, a decent RCA cable may be first.

As I said, take your time. This clock is not ticking! :snail:

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That made me chuckle. I have had my bartok for about 18 months and I just ordered a clock. :slight_smile:


Congrats David. You look to be running Naim gear like a good many of us.
Now go get yourself a nice Chord RCA>DIN cable for connection to your preamp.


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:joy:Don’t you start Michael!:joy:
My excuse will be, no shelf space left! Although to be fair, my 30 year old Target rack isn’t doing so bad.
Not to sure what the priority is? Upgrade the cables to do the Bartók justice…or the Clock, which is much more money.