New to dCS Bartok

Hi guys

Just pulling the trigger on the dCS Bartok Dac (non headphone amp ver)
Finally traded in the TT2 / Mscaler combo (Aries G1) for a much simpler box count in my system.

I don’t do a lot of headphone listening, however I do have a set of Audeze LCD -2C Headphones, given that I don’t have the headphone amp built in can I plug my phones into the balanced ports at the rear?

Looking to use the dCS over Roon (assuming its Roon Ready)

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes you can, please use a hammer if it does not fit right from the start :rofl:

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Obviously through a headphone amp LOL

Hi Barry,

You might like to read the following topic, about adding a headphone amp to your non headphone amp version of Bartók. It is about Rossini, but it is the same situation:

Bartók is Roon Ready, and like me you will be happy to use it together.

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It is marginally acceptable in impedance terms from a theoretic point of view ( 3 Ohm output from Bartok but nominal 70 Ohm cans) but whether the line outputs from Bartok would be a good match otherwise is questionable. Some say that these cans require a fair amount of current… However experience has taught me that what looks OK on paper doesn’t always result in satisfaction in reality. As others have suggested the right way to do it is with a suitable headphone amplifier .

BTW, whether what you want to do is easily attainable in connectivity terms is questionable. Balanced headphone cables do not usually terminate with a pair of 3 pole XLRs.

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Thanks so much for sharing this.
Much appreciated.

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Thanks for this.
Cheers Barry

Barry, I just thought that I would add a further consideration.

The RCA and XLR outputs with dCS equipment are not simply outputs derived from the same circuitry. They have their own dedicated output circuits of different design ( the RCA one is op amp based and the XLR balanced is a fully discrete design). This means that you may have a preference for one over the other. So if you prefer the XLR balanced output you may want to use it both to feed your main system and to feed any headphone amplifier that you choose. Obviously you cannot use both simultaneously fed from the same outputs. So expect to be swapping connections. Or connect the headphone amplifier via e.g. the tape output if you have a suitable pre-amp.

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Brilliant thanks so much for getting back to me.

I try this.
I ordered a cable from Arctic cables termanated to XLR FEMALE and plug my phones into the balanced ports at the rear of Bartok.
And it is work. I try this at one’s own risk.

My phones is Focal Utopia.

But, from deducated headphone amp music works differently. I have not yet chosen which plays better.
My headphone amp is Moon HA430.

Just my own experience.

Erno, Rossini is Roon ready too, correct?

Hi Franco,


Here you can see all Roon Ready dCS gear:

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Thanks Erno!