New Roon Core feeding my Rossini DAC

Today I finished building my new Windows 11 Pro rig, also my Roon Core feeding my Rossini DAC.

Until I get to the point taming its RGB lighting it looks like a brothel on speed. (I think, of course I have never been there) :innocent:

The good news is:

  • 16 fast cores of Intel i9 12900K make indexing and analysing of the music database of Roon a breeze. Over 40K of titles in under 30 minutes

  • Dedicated 2 TB SSD for just music, 32 GB of DDR5 for buffering

  • When Roon is active, (almost) all other processes are killed

  • Roon is ultra fast now, art work loads without noticing a delay @Anupc

  • water cooling makes my rig dead silent

  • it beats all music servers I have heard until now for SQ, Melco, Innuos, Naim etc.


Indeed it does, (but I wouldn’t know either :rofl:)

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That looks like my son’s gaming machine :laughing:

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It is also a gaming machine, and it might look like your son’s, but it is the latest of the best available, and due to supply shortages, hard to get, and still cheaper than a Rossini :smiley:

We bought our son’s gaming machine early in the pandemic. It was the graphics cards that were hard to get.

In any case, glad you’re enjoying a speedy Roon!

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RTX 3080 Ti graphic cards, DDR5 memory and Z690 motherboards for DDR5 are still hard to get, and therefore overpriced. But FAST.

Very nice clean build - well done!

I ended up building an Intel NUC server for Roon and even though I had a great custom-built PC as a server the NUC is better still.

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How do you do that?
I use Fidelizer.

This is how to do it for Windows 10 and 11:

Love it. I built a fanless PC to go into a specialised case to go inside my (essentially) fanless rack - spoit by a fanned NUC and NAS. The problem is I keep a very close eye on the temperature of both the CPU and Graphics card temperatures, so am never relaxed. Water cooling yes - thats my next PC project :grinning: but I must rehouse that NUC first.

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Thanks, but this way is too much hassle. I use a Fanless W11 PC with JCAT USB and network card, and Fidelizer starts automatically when I turn it on. The PC is used exclusively for ROON. As a core / player on a Vivaldi DAC and as a core for my work PC / aurender amp. When I had installed Fidelizer, I immediately heard that it sounded better. On both sets! You really have to try it once, in the “Purist” setting.

I have read through this topic at the Roon Community, which is familiar to you. It is very informative, but for me also made clear that Fidelizer is not for me/ for my new PC/ for my use case:

Edit: to add: after getting familiar with my new rig, I see that when Roon is active, it is does not influence the CPU and RAM activity: it stays at 0%. Overall, with just a browser and email client open, and Roon, CPU activity is at 2% average (1.3 - 2.6).

Hi Erno,
hi all, this is my first post. :grinning:

May I ask, how do you feed your Rossini - USB or Ethernet?

I feed my Bartok via Ethernet using a Roon Core on a quite strong NUC with ROCK.
The music is located on a Melco. Playing music with Roon from the Melco sounds better than playing music form the Melco with UPNP using Minim Server.

best regards

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Hi Georg,

Welcome to the dCS community!

I feed my Rossini over ethernet, sounds way better.

All the best,