New Mosaic for iOS13


Is Mosaic current version fully compatible with iOS13 devices?
When is new version update planned to be released?


We’ve tested on iOS13 and found no issues with the currently released version (1.0.1).

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Both Mosaic and Network Bridge apps fail to connect to my Network Bridge with IOS13.1.3 on IPad Air 2 and IPhone 11.

Is this just me or anyone else?



Hi Phil,

I’m not seeing this issue with any of my iOS 13 devices. Device discovery is working as expected.

It’s worth uninstalling and re-installing Mosaic on those devices to see if that corrects the issue. If not then it suggests that there’s something unique about your network which is preventing the discovery packets from getting to your iOS devices.

Please try reinstalling Mosaic and let us know if that corrects the problem. If not please take a moment to describe your network configuration including any switches / routers / access points in use.

I had the same problem when I upgraded to 13.1.3. last week. Mosaic could not find my Network Bridge. I reported this to Martin at dCS at the end of the week ( If I remember correctly). The solution was to re-install. However having read the OP’s post I have just checked my iPad Air 2 and at some time after the Mosaic reinstallation iOS has reverted to 13.1.1 ( weird!) so there were no issues. I am now updating again to 13.1.3 so will report back if the issue re-occurs.

PS: Update to 13.1.3 successful and iPad confirms that it is 13.1.3 and not 13.1.1. First attempt at using Mosaic = no problems.

Hi Andrew,

The re-install did the trick!