New Lina Questions/Issue/Clicking sounds

I have the new lina system. Its quite amazing but I have noticed something I believe may be odd.
As the music tracks change to different bit rates and MQA to basic 16/44 etc. I am getting a clicking sound as it appears the filters change?

Mosaic, roon, etc, latest of all software etc. Seems like clock changes may be making the sound, just not sure? Music sounds great but is it still possible I have it set up wrong etc??

Hi Anthony,

Do you mean clicks coming through your headphones, or clicks from within the physical products themselves?

I hear the clicks just sitting next to the dac without the headphones even on? Would improperly setting up the link cable between the units cause that?

Nerdy noticeable, like a switch clicking

Hi Anthony,

That clicking noise is the relays inside the DAC, which work to fully mute the output of the DAC when there are changes to the DSP chain that would otherwise cause audible clicks or pops to come through the headphones. Things like sample rate changes in the content you are playing are a good example of this.

So basically, the click is when the DAC performs a ‘hard mute’ where a ‘soft mute’ (done in the software of the unit) is not enough to stop pops coming through the headphones.

Nothing to be worried about, that’s just the DAC operating as it is supposed to.


First thanks for the instant response……much appreciated as I was concerned. Just did not remember that with Bartok so it was unexpected.

The only other item is the power link. I used all the connections……but the manual diagram is a bit confusing. Looks as if it is one single connection dac to amp, second connection dac to clock. Without using all the RJ jacks? In the clock?

The Bartók is the same there, it uses the same system of relays for hard mutes when required. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have heard it on the Bartók, though admittedly I haven’t compared to see if the Bartók relays sound any quieter given the different casework :slight_smile:

Apologies for the confusion in the manual. The Power Link connections can either be daisy-chained or star wired from any of the units, it does not matter. Just think of it like a 12V trigger port that is both an input and an output - as long as each unit has a connection to another, then it should all work correctly. Hope that helps!

Thx, all is up and running. I have been researching sooooo many headphones. Technically one is the Susvara which is at 83 DB/ Can line drive this?

There are posts on this site about the Lina driving the Susvara.
I’ve had many headphones and my 2 favorites are 1266 TC for pop/rock/electronic and Susvara for everything else.

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