New kid on the block

Stumbled on your picture again Gregg. Lots of fun there for the sharp eyed!

  • That is the snazziest LP12 I have ever seen, what’s that finish called?
  • If the Fraims didn’t betray a past in Naimdom the Aro probably would
  • What is the cartridge? Really hard to tell head-on but could be a Kleos??
  • Why no “number plates” on the dzs?
  • Dry and Heavy - re-spect! :jamaica:
  • Can almost read the reflection of the record label in the lid but not quite… :wink:
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Hope that answers you questions😄

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those dartzeel looking cool…price wise >50k€ each?

Google is your friend🤣

yeah…111.000Euro for amps is for me out of any target :slight_smile: could you hear the integrated dartzeel as well Gregg?

Santa swang by today with a late delivery. Said there wasn’t enough room on his sleigh to bring this at Christmas. Took twenty elves to man-handle the pallet into our lobby. What can it be? Hmmm…

Hmmmmm. Short on clues here.

Something heavy. Something unwieldy. Rack…but which!?

I recognise those. No further questions. Nice choice :slight_smile:

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Several hours later…


…and after (a lot) more futzing…


Nice rack! (The only appropriate time I can say this)


Very nice. Which model is it ?

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Thanks Pete. It’s an EXRD. Bottom of the range but still an eyewatering amount of money. But YOLO, right? :hot_face:


I will be very curious to hear what you think HRS. As Ben knows they are on my short list…although two seperate racks instead of the double width.

I have also been looking at the HRS Vortex footers - just need @all2ofme to get off of his bum and do some testing with them.

PS - same color I am contemplating

Actually it was the 8550 which I demoed as the seperates were out on loan. It was convincing enough to tell me there was no looking back and it was time to retire my Naim 552/500 system after +15 years and move on to new pastures.

As I believe you are also a former Naim owner you are well aware of being on the upgrade merry go round. I could have happily lived with the 8550 however, having been conditioned by a constant +20 year cycle of Naim upgrades, I knew it would just be a matter of time before my mind started wandering past the integrated and onto the separates. I simply made the decision to go for it now knowing this would most likely be my final resting place.

Thanks Gregg! Fully understand :wink: If I could spend that money, I would go for Nagra HD or dartzeel as well.

I use the integrated 8550 MKII and it’s amazing. The separates have a little more of something but also the 8550 have a little more, power and simplicity of using, since i came from the separates to the integrated i see so many advantages that for me makes no sense the separates. But as always its a matter of taste and what we prioritize.

I prefer to save the money and invest in better cables that will make sound better than the separates with less good cables quality. I’m testing a cables up-grade and soon i will bring my experience to all of you.

Enjoy music.


A system is only as good as its weakest link.

No doubt of that.

2 weeks ago I went to pick my Valhalla 2 speaker cables and wen I get home they sound worse than my TYR2, my dealer told me they need more time in the Vidar.
Wen I was there to deliver the cables he told me to bring the Odin Gold speaker cables to test, well, I was just blown away, absolutely amazed with the exults, never thought only one cable could do such a difference.

I was planing to up-grade the dac for the Vivaldi and next the speakers to the V version but this up-grade give better SQ than those 2 together, for real.
The result was so good I wanted to see with the Odin 2 connected, another gain but not as high as the speaker cable.
This Friday I’ll go pick the Odin Gold XLR to see the result of both and now I have a problem because it’s a lot of money but there’s no turning back, I just can’t go to ear again without this speaker cable.

Soon I’ll share my experience :slight_smile: