New joiner - Tidal

I have just fired up the Bridge. I have a Qobuz subscription but see that Tidal is on the machine. What is the position viz-a-viz paying for Tidal?

Perhaps you want to read this:

Although the thread linked by Erno contains lots of information about Tidal and Qobuz there are two issues concerning hi-res and Tidal that are not mentioned in respect of Tidal only providing hi-res in the form of MQA encoded files ( Tidal Masters).

The first is that to have full MQA replay with dCS equipment you need to own both a device with the network board ( e.g. Network Bridge) and a dCS DAC . The former will decode MQA first fold ( <24/96) but the DAC renders the full resolution of files above that rate.

The second is that the dCS implementation of MQA does not ( currently) provide gapless replay.

You open a subscription via the Tidal webpage on your computer browser. There is a free trial period to allow you to sample without commitment. Once you have your login details you simply open the Tidal area of Mosaic, enter your login and away you go.