Network Bridge to Vivaldi DAC results in no signal

I am having a problem with the connection between my dCS Network Bridge and my Vivaldi DAC. dCS Mosaic “sees” the NB, but there is no output from the VDAC. Roon can also “see” the NB, but the result is the same. The NB is connected via AES 1+2. The AES 1+2 input shows 0/88.2. Roon “sees” the VDAC and, when connected via USB, works fine. The USB input shows 16/44.1. I use a dCS Vivaldi Word Clock connected to both the NB and the VDAC. This whole system was working last week before I left town. When I returned yesterday it did not work.

Hi Craig and welcome to the community. Starting from first principles did you turn off the dCS system from the rear power switch before you left town and only reboot it when you returned? Or was it left on or only switched off from the front panel or just put into sleep mode ?

With no program input at all to Vivaldi DAC from boot up the display should show 0/48. The figure that you give suggests that it may have been left on because 0/88.2 would be the resolution of the last file it processed.

Just turn everything off from the rear panels and then reboot and report back.

Yes, I only turned things off from the front panel. So I did as you suggested and that worked. I followed the sequence VDAC on, VWC on, NB on. It took a couple of minutes, but then it worked like a charm. If this happens again, is the sequence I used best?

The main thing is that when you want to turn the dCS system off is to ensure that it is properly turned off. if you just turn off from the front panel the device(s) is/are still connected to the incoming mains and are not fully disconnected. Rebooting from the rear panel power switch also reconfigures the system. Remember that the dCS components are basically specialised computers and we have all had a computer hang on us ( probably more than once). We all know the first question that the Help Desk asks “have you turned it off and on again?”. The sequence of turning on/off the various components doesn’t really make any difference but I always like to turn the clock on first as it is the quickest component to boot up ( but, as with all, it then takes time to reach a stable temperature).

Thanks for the prompt response and the help!