Network Bridge to Lampizator

What is the proper way to connect a Bridge to a Lampizator dac? Through a AES/EBU cable?

Yes…(the dots to complete the 10 mandatory characters :wink:)

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Great. Thanks

One more thing… does anyone know what type ( IEC) of plug the Network Bridge power cable requires in North America?

Bernard your question worries me as it implies that this is a subject that you are not skilled in and there is a safety issue here.

What are you trying to do? You should not need to worry about the power cable for a Network Bridge made for the USA as it will be supplied with the correct one. If, on the other hand, you are going to transport the Network Bridge to the USA, Mexico or Canada from another country then its voltage rating may need to be changed. If so then also you could ask the service agent changing the voltage to supply a power cable.

Incidentally the IEC socket and plug for a Network Bridge is the same in all countries and does not change. It is the other end of the wire where countries have different standards. The USA etc. use two plug types, one with a grounding terminal winch is what I would expect to be used here ( given that the location that you are going to has proper grounding - not always the case in the USA). Just ask for an IEC three pin C13 plug to USA grounded plug when specifying the cable.

Remember that the cable itself can change the sound for the better or ( often) the worse. What you can get or what you may prefer lies beyond the scope his advice .To keep it simple and overlooking he voltage question for now I would just ask the local dCS agent in the USA (etc.) to sell you a cable as per that which CS supplies.

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Pete; are you payed of by dCS? Because you are pretty much respond to every single question without any real answer or help for the thread starter. Are you feeling happy about your previously good knowledge, or what are you try to achieve here in this forum?

I find as an dealer you are miss-leasing customers and they do not ever get a straight adequate answer to their question mostley✋

Please take some note and consider some thinking of this topic for example…

He should use the included cable if the unit is bought in the US for 110v .

Case closed

It is like someone asking in the forum: Do i need to connect the power to the wall outlet, to power up my dCS unit ? And someone else answer with a huge long explanation and 10 questions back, but in the end you have not received any answer if it was Yes or No :wink:


Pete…C13 was the answer. No need for patronizing and worrying about my skills and potential self harm.


I’m about to buy a Bridge, selling my Bartok and getting a LampizatOr.
My question was what size power cable should I get to upgrade from the vase model supplied with the Bridge.
C13 it seems. I’ve got my answer.
Pete’s usually given me great advice in the past so I’ll take the blame for not phrasing the question properly.
He just could have answered C13 without the pandering bullshit.

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Or you could have looked at a picture of the back of a Network Bridge, then googled “IEC connector types” and compared.

I got this in under a minute:

The “paid by dCS” “pandering bullshit” bits really hit a nerve with me. Not sure how helpful those sorts of comments are.

Ben (not paid by dCS, or Pete :joy:)


Everyone has its own style. I think your comment is hard as most of the people on this forum, including Pete, try to help each other.

And, as you ask if Pete works for dCS as if it was a potential problem, I must say that we are very lucky that sometimes employee of dCS jump into the conversation to give their opinion but mostly to help users.


I agree with @Beolab.

The beautiful thing about these forums is you can see what and how people have responded in the past. I am in favor of (a) respect; (b) the ability to ask “stupid” questions–we were all there one time; and (c) calling out people who don’t adhere to (a) and (b). Here is another recent post by @PAR:

“Ben, I hope that you don’t mind me mentioning this but you do not seem to be very familiar with the units and how they work together. I am assuming that you have not obtained these from an authorised dealer who should have explained all of this to you. Which leads me to wonder if you have the user manuals?”

Your history on this community has started with a very negative contribution, in your very first post.

If you would have read, and understood, the entire thread you quote from

then you would have seen that there is nothing wrong with Pete’s post.


Hi @Ermos, great to “meet” you!

I had no trouble understanding the prior post, thanks for implying that though.

I did not begin this thread. If you read it, you will see that both @Beolab and @munchoba took offense to @PAR’s reply and style, and I agree with them.


Congrats. Just 24 minutes of read time for you on this forum, and you take a high note.

Pete has always given me great advice in the past. I admire his breadth and depth of knowledge, however it is expressed.
I’ll take this post down shortly as it no longer serves its original purpose and everyone has had a chance to give his opinion.


Hi Guys,

Just to be clear, I AM paid by dCS and, just saying, please all play nice here!

I’ve had a flick back up through the thread and, although I can see why Pete’s reply could have been taken badly, he was just taking a safe approach and that’s the responsible approach.

If someone has taken a unit between territories and just changes the mains cable but hasn’t had the unit voltage changed and it’s the wrong voltage when plugged in then the damage to the unit itself can turn out expensive.

Now let’s all sit back down around the campfire again 'cause later we’re gonna make s’mores and sing Kumbaya. :smiley:

(Been looking for somewhere to use that “Gone in 60 seconds” quote for ages…)




Thx Phil. I personally understood exactly what Pete said and his intentions which i always see as helpful and cautious. Im glad that an unbiased party stepped in. B

One could quite legitimately suggest that I am a far more biased party than anyone else here…


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Oh. I get that but not as far as PAR and his intentions. B

Both James and I want the forums to be a place where everyone can express themselves and where everyone can have an opinion, where we can have discussions about subjects, where you guys are free to help each other if you want to and where (hopefully) we can have a useful input too.

None of us want the forums to become somewhere there is heavy handed moderation nor where people are abused or are abusive.

Whilst it is me and James that you’ll normally see commenting on here be aware that it’s not just minions like me and James that look up on here - quite often we’ll get a nudge from Andy (McHarg - R&D Director) or David (Steven - yes, the big boss! :smiley: ) to flag something and Matt (Taylor) is also quite active up here too so you guys are important to us, your comments and thoughts are important to us, and we want everyone on here to feel welcome and safe - just like your family at home, there may be the odd disagreement but ultimately we all look out for each other. :slightly_smiling_face: