Network Bridge still plays, even in Standby

I just want to make sure that my Network Bridge is behaving correctly.
When I put the unit into ‘Standby’, it still plays music using the Roon app, or Qobuz on the Mosaic app. The Bridge is still shown in Standby mode.
I expected the Bridge to ‘Wake up’ if it received a signal, but it still shows Standby, whilst playing. Is this normal?

In Standby, the blue LED is still displayed. Is this correct?


I dont think the “standby” and “wake up” button in Mosaic has any function with a Network Bridge but I might be wrong about that. If you use a Rossini or a Vivaldi this will perhaps be usefull.

My Network Bridge is always on I just stop playback in Roon and nothing more.

In the Mosaic manual there is not much info about what equipment it works on.

I just checked my Network Bridge, it operates exactly the same way with Mosaic. So, nothing to worry about :smiley:

Just FYI, when playing back via Roon when the NwB is on standby, the status does switch to awake.

"TIP: You can also wake your device by initiating playback from within Mosaic Control. The appropriate input will be selected automatically."

Thanks @octaviars…Playing the Roon app or Qobuz on Mosaic does not change the button status. ‘STANDBY’ or ‘WAKE SYSTEM’ buttons do not change?

I have just pressed the button for two secs and put it into ‘STANDBY’. Now playing a track from Qobuz, but the Bridge is still shows ‘STANDBY’?
Strangely enough, If I hit STANDBY whilst playing a track from Mosaic or Roon, Playback stops. So the button does have some effect.

Does your blue LED stay on, in STANDBY?

Thank you @Anupc…I had just mentioned that to @octaviars, before I had a chance to read your reply.

Thanks :+1:

Yes it is always on even in STANDBY.

I tried playing Roon and hit standby it stopped music so it does something.

I don’t think you have to be to much concerned about what it does.

If I remember correctly EU safety consumer law makes it mandatory that electrically connected devices have to display that they are “live”. Of course in standby the device is still “live”, not off. Just as my TV is currently displaying a red LED even though it is is sleep mode. Of course the Network Bridge only has a blue LED to display so it is always on if the device is connected to the mains i.e the rear panel power switch is On.It’s now too long since I owned a Network Bridge to remember if you can switch it off via Mosaic but even if you can the concept remains the same.

Thanks @octaviars :+1:

Thanks for that info Pete. :+1: