Network Bridge - simultaneous output from AES and RCA

I have a Network Bridge which works fine as an output device to both my main rig (to RME Adi-2 FS dac via single AES-to-S/PDIF special cable) and my headphone rig (to Focal Arche via single rca cable).
After reading James Cook’s latest write-up Part 4 – Clock Synchronisation, I am wondering if it is OK for me to have these two outputs connected at the same time or if I am messing something up here. I might add that so far, the sound quality seems unaltered and fine.

Hi Göran,

Yes, it is fine to have these outputs connected simultaneously. They are independently generated, so having one connected has no impact on the other. It will not mess anything up.

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Thanks for your quick reply, James! I will now calmly continue to enjoy music streamed from the dCS NWB.

A follow up question:
is it possible to connect two separate dacs from the two AES/EBU outputs on dCS Network Bridge? One cable to one dac and another to the other dac.
The two dacs would not need to be “on” simultaneously but it would be nice to be able to keep the XLR cables connected to the NWB and just switch between dacs (main rig and headphone rig).

I have done it in the past without issue (when comparing the resident dac against a new purchase)

Thanks for sharing, Oliver! Now I feel more confident to experiment some.:blush:

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