Network Bridge problem with Qobuz

I am using Network Bridge with Qobuz, using the Mosaic app in iOS. in the past 2 weeks The music keeps stopping every few seconds - seems there is an issue with buffering.

However, I don’t have the same issue if I use mConnect with Qobuz on Network Bridge. There may be stoppage but it only happens every 0.5 to 1 hour.

any idea what’s the issue?

AFAIK there is no issue of this nature reported by other users.

Qobuz is a different service in each territory that it serves so knowing where you are might help but as it is fine for you with mConnect suggests that location is not a problem and that the service itself is fine.

I would first ensure that the copy of Mosaic app stored on your device is not corrupt.Visit Play or App store and install a fresh copy.

Thanks. I just removed the app from my ipad and reinstalled it. No improvement…

btw mconnect is starting to get the same stoppage…
My internet connection is at 1G, so it was smooth with everything else that I do/watch…
Tidal is all fine too.

OK, this is sounding more like it may be a network problem. However as mconnect is now showing the same issue and as network issues may affect different control apps differently it could be a problem originating with your ISP, for example, if available bandwidth is limited during periods of high use by other customers and you do not have a fast connection by current standards. In relation to that comment are you sure that your connection is 1G? We are up to 5G and I guess others will at least now use 4G.

Double check Tidal as the kind of network problem above should affect both streaming services unless you have been streaming very high -res on Qobuz but only CD/MQA with Tidal and bandwidth is limited.Even so I have successfully heard 24/96 using only a 7Mb connection with Qobuz.

I am not an expert on network issues but if not related to your ISP then it can be a setting in your router like IP sniffing which may need disabling or if you have a Mash setup. In this case the cause now seems to be unfortunately affecting both apps.

Hi Pete, Thanks for your advice. I will keep looking

Just a small thing. Your issue relates to Qobuz but when you wrote a few years ago you were resident in HK. Have you since moved, Qobuz not being available in HK ?

Yes, in Singapore.

A great expert on network issues here is @Anupc who coincidentally is local to you. So this will bring the matter to his attention if he wishes to contribute.

Simon, fortunately the issue you’re encountering is not because of your dCS Network Bridge (or Mosaic) - I have a Network Bridge as well, it works just fine with Qobuz in Singapore, even 24/192k streams work without glitches (albeit I have Singtel 10Gbps symmetric Broadband service).

You mentioned the problem manifested in the last 2 weeks; which ISP is your 1Gbps Broadband Service from? (I hope it’s not StarHub, they’re horrendous and have had a handful of outages this year alone)

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I have had the same problem and indeed, it is continuing.
It happened yesterday evening.

Hi All,

We’ve not been informed of any general Qobuz issues via Airable so it’s sounding like something local and specific to you.

If we can pull a set of system logs from your Network Bridge when the issue is occurring then that might give us some information to work with…



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thanks. how do we get you the system log?

Then send the logfiles to;

[email protected]

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