Network bridge loud clicks

I added a used Network Bridge to my Vivaldi DAC. Factory reset both.
Now when there is a change of sample rates, I get two LOUD clicks through my speakers. Loud enough I fear for my tweeters! This happens with both AES and SPDIF and Sync in Audio or Master. NB buffer is on. Streaming is with Roon. The clicks happen even if the Vivaldi is muted.
Previously I streamed to the Vivaldi with SPDIF optical and coax at different resolutions with no problems.
The Vivaldi is connected directly to d’agostino amps.

Not sure his is the same issue, but just in case

A similar query was raised a short time ago :

The likely cause is addressed by James Cook of dCS in the linked thread.I note that you too use d’Agostino amps which I understand are DC coupled which seems to be the basic reason. I would mention that dCS are amiliar with d’Agostino kit and I understand often use it at their demonstration facility at the factory and at audio exhibitions.

Thanks for the feedback.
I think it may be the same issue, but I do not have soft pops… I have very loud clicks/cracks. I’m not really willing to test much more because I’m sure they are going to damage the tweeters.
I only have the problem with the Network Bridge, even when the Vivaldi is muted… So the bridge is creating some DC noise that passes though the DAC? I assume (from limited testing) that a clock and/or clock settings will not fix it?
I had the NB and DAC plugged into separate zones of a power regenerator. Also tried them plugged directly into the wall.
Is the Vivaldi Upsampler going to have the same problem?
I know dCS and D’Agostino are used together often… Why would the Network Bridge cause such a dangerous (to the speakers) problem in my system?

I must first of all say that I do not know what I causing your issue but I have both experience of loud pops and bangs in a digital audio system and of using a Network Bridge and Vivaldi. So I am just going to suggest something that may help someone else diagnose what is going on.

First please ensure that it is when sample rates change that it happens and what you have concluded is not just a coincidence. I say this as I had a big issue with loud pops many years ago . This was before dCS even existed. It turned out that that the system was picking up switching EMI from an adjacent flat. The S/Pdif cable from transport to DAC was inadequately shielded so the fix was straightforward - change cable. When you added a Network Bridge did you also add an unknown cable?I had thought my issue was a DAC fault but it wasn’t.

So just check that you have considered all of the changes made to your system before the issue commenced and exactly when it occurs. To check Mosaic will show sample rate changes and you may hear quiet mechanical noise from relays in Vivaldi ( especially with PCM to DSD changes or vice versa). Does this always cause the loud click through your speakers?

I never experienced any problems with the Network Bridge/Vivaldi combination however.

So no fix here but simply to suggest that little more information may help chase down the cause.

A similar query was raised a short time ago :

When I try to open that link I get:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

It’s funny, my dealer just experienced a similar issue:

When connected to a D’Agostino amp, they get a “pop” whenever they switch inputs on their ARC Ref 6 SE Line Stage preamp.

They do not get a pop when it is connected to any other brand of amplifier in the shop, just the D’Agostinos.

Thanks Pete,
I have the problem with the Network Bridge. If I disconnect the coax cable and attach the same cable to my other streamer, I don’t have the problem. Everything else remains the same.
I don’t know for sure if it is sample rate changes. When I press play, after 1 second there is a loud crack, then after another second is another loud crack, then the music starts playing. It only occurs at the start of playing an album.
It would be interesting to try a playlist of songs with multiple sample rates, but I have disconnected it and I’m just not willing to try much more. The risk of damage to my tweeters is just too high.

The fact that hat it is very loud, potentially damaging, double cracks is rather different to the known issue of annoying but softer clicks that may occur when using the Vivaldi directly into the d’Agostino amps. I note that it is also OK when sing another source or streamer ( presumably with the Vivaldi still directly connected).

As it seems from your original post that the Network Bridge is a recent addition and as the production of them ceased earlier last year it may have been a faulty used unit.? Incidently a Factory Reset just returns the optional settings like how bright the display is and the filters to the default settings of the factory.

I understand why you are unwilling to further test when the cracks occur but it seems from your new post that they may not relate to your original idea that it was related to a change of sample rates. You also say that it happens with Vivaldi muted . However in that case nothing from NB should be passed to the amps. So it is difficult to suggest where you go next . I can only suggest that you start by contacting your nearest dCS dealer and , if he is willing, take the Network Bridge along to see if the fault may be replicated in another system.