Network Bridge Flashing LED : what does it means?

I own a NetworkBridge for a year long now. I did not use it frequently.
I would like to know what are the different signification of flashing light rythm. No mention in the manual.
May be you can help.
For exemple I notice this kind of flashing : . . . . _ . . . . . _


If the front LED constantly flashes it might indicate that the unit is not receiving an IP address from the router for example.

I also think this might happen when it has done a update to the firmware and you need to powercycle it on the back.

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The initial flashing right after power up is when the unit gets allocated with an IP address. Thereafter it only flashes after a software update is completed - this one was actually documented in the older manual (2016, and 2018), not sure why it was removed in the 2019 manual;

Well it appears to flash few seconds than stand still and restart flashing.
Don’t know what it means.

Both Octaviars and Anup provide reasons above why you are seeing this and both tell you what to do. You make no mention of trying either of their solutions.