Network bridge and puccini


i have a network bridge
i am looking to buy a used puccini with his clock
the NB manual give solution to connect the clock, the NB, and the puccini, but using dual aes
Will it be the same with spdif link ?
Will i have full benefit (except dual aes bonus) with this 3 boxes configuration ?

other question about the additionnal licencing on puccini (manuel page 22)
what’s for ?
sacd ?
how to check if needed


For NB plus Puccini you need to use SPDIF connection, which is limited to 192kHz.
Use Mosaic to set up NB for downsampling higher resolutions to 192kHz single wire.

thanks to you Martin for the first response
By the way, do you know about the second point ?

see extract of puccini doc behind: what’s for?
page 22

The CD Update note for the dCS Puccini Player v1.41 Software Update (Aug 2013) says the following:

“If the upsampling license code was already loaded before this update, this feature is still active.”

“If you would like to add upsampling for the digital inputs, please contact dCS and register your unit to obtain a license. A license charge will be made for players originally shipped from dCS before 1st April 2009.”

The bottom line: You need to check the Puccini Player for its sotware version and the presence of the upsampling feature (license).

Crystal clear

many thanks

pierre yves