Need help with Ethernet cable concern W Vivaldi

I have called dCS three times, left two voicemails and sent two emails directly to the support person I was referred to. I have never had a call back nor an email response. My issue is that my Vivaldi Upsampler will not connect with three Ethernet cables that worked perfectly with my Bartok. My Vivaldi only connects with basic unshielded twisted pair cat 6 cable. It will not handshake with Ghent/Belden, ViaBlue or Sablon 2020. I understand that dCS does not support shielded cables, but I thought that was an issue related to grounding the shield in the connector. The owner of Sablon says he has not had this problem before and that the shield ground is NOT connected within his cables. Can someone explain why these cables might not be working? Do I have a setting wrong, or a broken Upsampler? Please no comments about how all ethernet cables sound the same so just go with the 2 dollar cable. Thanks.

Vivaldi Upsampler does not know what cable you are using. You have one cable that works fine and three that do not. That suggests that Vivaldi is working as it should and three of your cables are not. That is odd as it is difficult to imagine why so many are not functioning as they should. Of course we also have to consider the other end of the cable. There may be a problem with them connecting to your router or NAS rather than Vivaldi UPS. I note that the three cables worked fine with Bartok. Has something happened to damage them in some way ( perhaps unknown to you) during the intervening period? Or could it be that you have a port failure on e.g. a switch and have plugged the working cable into a functioning port but the other three, one by one, into a port that has failed but have assumed that the issue lies at the other end ?

Just to confirm where the problem lies I would get hold of another ethernet cable and see if that works in order to confirm that Vivaldi is not the cause of the issue. I would just use the cheapest available as this is just an experiment and we are only checking connectivity not sound quality. You may have something lying around at home or can swap one out from another device.

There isn’t a Vivaldi Upsampler setting that would affect any of this. It either finds a connection or not. Importantly I assume that with the cables that are failing when you select “Network” Vivaldi Upsampler’s display shows " No Input" in red. Is that correct?

BTW, using shielded cables would not cause this kind of problem. Vivaldi UPS will still work fine in terms of receiving data, it is just inadvisable for minimum noise.

You could use a LAN Data Cable Tester to see if the cables are OK. They can be had for under US$ 30.

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Unless you sent these all within the last 24 hours and they just didn’t get a chance to get back to you, how does something like this happen with companies the caliber of dcs?

Dcs are supposed to be the king of high end, yet this, combined with numerous recent reports of failures, makes one wonder about the proverbial new clothes.