My Network Bridge's Network Rate shows 44100 (should I be concerned?)

I just bought and set up a Network Bridge to work with a Synology NAS (MinimServer installed) over Gigabit ethernet. I haven’t even hooked it up to my Scarlatti DAC but will be doing so in a day or so.

When running Mosaic Control on an iPad and trying to understand if I have everything configured, My “Network Rate” (under Support/Status/Network Rate) shows a value of 44100.

I have a bunch of music files that are sampled at a much higher rate than that. Should I be concerned that the “Network Rate” detected is not higher? I couldn’t find an answer anywhere in the documentation or in the community posts.

Network Rate reflects the sample rate of the file currently being played or the rate of the last file played. If you are playing (or have just played) a 24/96 file then I would expect that value to read 96000.

What sample rate is your DAC showing when playing a high-rate file?