My Elgar as suffer from electrical problem

Hi. After more then 25 electrical flashes, even if its protected, my Elgar as some problem. I replace the fuse with exactly the same. The Dac does statup, does it starting cycle, and goes to the normal waiting state. I send a signal, it’s locked up to the signal but nothing play and after few second, I ear a fast “tictictictictic….” coming from the PSU I think.

I have contact my retealer who also does the service here in Montreal, but they are charging at least $500 before looking at it and their attitude looks like they are not interested in this older dCS.

So, can you help me since I am electronicaly able and where can I get a Elgar plus service manual


Mario Poirier

500 would get you a consultation with a brain surgeon with change for a Michelin meal for 2 where I live.

Tic tic tic sounds like could be a mechanical fault, possibly a relay, if so wouldn’t need a brain surgeon to fix it.

If it’s a bad signal from the board though probably would need the dealer but might be an idea to get it looked at by a “non-brain surgeon” before taking it to the dealer.

Good luck, it’s a lovely machine.