Music playing too fast and garbled display on Bartok

I’m not sure if it’s best to replicate the thread I started on the Roon forums or start from scratch here. It’s looking like it could be a dCS issue rather than a Roon issue.

Roon topic:

Happy to do whatever the mods prefer!

I don’t know why you are concluding that it isn’t a Roon problem and therefore is a Bartok one as you are using a complex chain involving at least two other items that may have an impact . Namely the Eero Pro and EtherRegen. Have you tried removing them ?

Anyway the Eero Pro markets itself as " Faster speeds for more devices." It seems to work as you have the faster speed :wink:.

Being serious, Andrew of dCS has already remarked on these forums that mash systems ( such as Eero Pro) can result in odd behaviours and I suspect that this may be the root of your problem.

Agree totally that it’s by no means a given that it’s a dCS issue, but I figure it can’t hurt to have dCS eyeballs on it too.

One thing in particular that gives me pause is that it’s harder for me to imagine that other kit (the eeros and the Etherregen) would manage to stop the Bartok’s screen and front panel working properly. Probably not impossible though.

Oh, forgot to say, Pete — removing some of the variables by taking out the etherregen and the eeros is on the to-do list, just haven’t had time yet. It’s also one of those very annoying problems that only happens very occasionally — three times in the last couple of months.