MQA not displaying

Hi. I have a Bartok that I use to stream Tidal using Roon. I upgraded to the new firm ware, I think I moved to a new version of Roon, and now the unit does not recognize MQA. Or, at least when I select an MQA track to stream, it sounds great but the MQA indicator does not display…it stays with F3. I have no idea whether it’s not playing MQA or is but not letting me know. Weird. Any ideas? Thank you!

JG, I’m on the latest Roon software versions as well and don’t have a problem. What MQA album on Tidal were you attempting to stream?

Welcome to the forum JG!

  • Firstly, do you definitely have a Tidal Masters subscription? (Always worth checking)
  • Secondly, as Anupc has asked, what album is it you are trying to stream?
  • Finally, if you could grab a screenshot of the signal path screen as above, that would be super useful! Either that or simply let me know what each stage of the signal chain reports as.

So I checked and it appears I have the “hifi” subscription level for Tidal. It’s not a good website and it’s not clear to me whether “premium” is required, nor is it clear how I get that if so. I sent Tidal a note. What’s weird is I’ve had the same set up for a year now and it’s played MQA flawlessly, so if something changed I’m not sure what. I do love the streaming world and don’t buy cds anymore, but the old days were easier for the non tech savvy