MQA help needed

Hi, I am looking for some help to play MQA files with Bartok. I used the MQATaqRestorer to check my ripped files (they are in aiff format), after running the application, I can see the MAQ subfolder with the files in song.mqa.flac format. However, the these song.mqa.flac file size is really small (~30-40Kb). And when I try to play the songs, it is still in 16/44.1. What have I missed? Thanks in advance for any advice.


I remember seeing some issues when feeding certain AIFF files into the MQATagRestorer application, but I honestly don’t remember the exact problem.

Best bet is to convert the files to FLAC first and then run them through the app. This approach has always worked fine for me.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to see if that works.