Mosiac losing connection with Bartok

Hi I have been having problems with Mosaic loosing connection with my Bartok usually in the middle of a playlist. and having to wait while searching for devices, (sometimes requiring Bartok reboot to find). its much worse in the evenings when I also get drop outs while playing back Tidal MQA or QuBuz HiRes.
so I am curious does the Iphone10 mosaic app use wifi or does it use Bluetooth? and if anybody has any suggestions for a fix

Loss of connection is usually a problem with your home network. I do get this occasionally with my Mosaic/Vivaldi but as it also happens with the wifi connection to my PC it appears that my router could be improved which I will get round to after the current pandemic crisis.

As for online streaming dropping out, the crisis has placed huge demands on the internet and on the resources of the ISPs. The outcome of this will vary from area to area and supplier to supplier but the fact that it gets worse in the evenings supports that this is a likely cause. You may just have to accept this for the duration.

The Mosaic app uses your network’s wifi not Bluetooth AFAIK.

thank you I was suspecting it was a WiFi issue

I had a similar problem with the Network Bridge last evening when listening to radio stations. I would not be able to stop the Bridge from playing when changing stations from my Ipad. I had to shut the Bridge off and restart it. Otherwise everything works fine


I am unsure what you mean. If you select radio a then radio b it will pay continuously moving from one to the next. Do you mean that tapping the play button to select pause was ineffective? That should behave in exactly the same way as with other sources such as UPnP or streaming services.

If you have a connection loss as per the OP then your i-pad screen will display a searching icon. was it doing this?

Yes tapping the play button was ineffective and after restarting the I pad was searching but not making a connection. I had to reboot the Bridge

Thanks . Unless it recurs repeatedly I would just regard it as " one of those things" that can occasionally happen with such a complex machine.

However as I mentioned earlier loss of connection is more likely to be a network problem rather than something to do with Mosaic.

On the failure of the play/pause button I have noted that sometimes touch screens may not react if e.g. your hands are still a little damp after hand washing. Just a thought.

I tend to agree with you. I have had no issues playing music from a NAS or from my computer using JRiver.