Mosaic - why do I get pauses during playback of Tidal and Qobuz

Been using the DCS bridge for about six months and find that it really improves sound quality.

But recently I have started experiencing pauses of between 3 to 10 seconds in track whilst using Mosaic for both Tidal and Qobuz for any type of file. Playback resumes from the point that it stopped. After another 5 to 10 minutes comes another pause and so it carries on.

If I switch to BubbleUPNP the problem disappears. The problem doesn’t occur if I stream locally from a Melco. I am running Mosaic on Android.

I am using the latest version of Mosaic.

Any ideas as I would prefer to use Mosaic?

This type of problem seems always to be resolved by ensuring that the settings of your router/switch are configured correctly. I would suggest that you look through the various threads here concerning similar problems ( there seem to be one or two a week) to see if they provide you with any ideas.

A new version of Mosaic ( v1.1.1) is promised shortly and there are indications that it may also help to deal with the issue.

My settings work perfectly well with BubbleUPNP. When is the new version of Mosaic likely to appear?

dCS no longer provide target dates for software revision releases. The best information we have dates from 10th of this month and is from Andrew who is in charge of such things for streaming:

“The discovery code has been completely re-written in Mosaic 1.1.1 (coming soon).”

Just to be sure, are you saying that, e.g. playing back a particular track via Mosaic/Tidal results in random pauses during playback, but that same track played back via BubbleUPnP/Tidal is error free?

That would be very strange - both Mosaic and BubbleUPnP are really just Control Points, meaning they help you find and select tracks/albums but don’t affect the eventual streaming itself. Once you select and start playing a track, the Network Bridge streams the track directly from Tidal. So track playback performance should actually be identical regardless of which control point App you use.

You might want to double check the exact problem you’re experiencing.