Mosaic System Control - a dCS "mixed marriage"

I am currently using a Network Bridge with my Vivaldi DAC and Clock. Using the 'Bridge instead of the Vivaldi Upsampler means that there is no control of the Vivaldi DAC nor of my Paganini transport via Mosaic.

I am therefore seriously considering changing the Bridge to a Vivaldi Upsampler which, whilst I am not attracted to the upsampling options, the network player facilities should, I understand, improve sound quality over the 'Bridge ( not that I have any complaint about the Network Bridge SQ per se, it is superb :slightly_smiling_face:).

I am also thinking of a new transport but as this has become more of a secondary source to me ( excepting SACD replay) the very costly Vivaldi Transport may be a step too far and I am thinking of changing the Paganini to a Rossini Transport.

Would Mosaic offer control of DAC , upsampler and transport in this combination? Have you any other thoughts that may be relevant ?

Unfortunately, the Rossini Transport uses a completely different control protocol than the Vivaldi Transport so unified control of the entire stack is only available with the Vivaldi Transport. Keep in mind that we haven’t integrated control of the transports into Mosaic yet so you wouldn’t be losing anything.

If you can swing it then Vivaldi Transport is definitely worth the extra cost, but the Rossini transport is fantastic and a significant upgrade over the Paganini Transport.

Honestly, while app control of a transport is a neat feature, I still prefer to use the IR remote if I’m spinning a disc.

Thanks Andrew. As Rossini has its own control protocol then I assume the transport control buttons on my Vivaldi IR remote won’t function with it.

The Rossini Transport spec. on the dCS website says "

local control

dCS Premium Remote handset (not supplied with Rossini Transport as standard. Via the Rossini app, RS232 app or a third party device."

So it looks like I may need to buy the Premium Remote handset too if I follow this option and want a single control device for all of the dCS boxes. Is the Premium Remote the Pronto based one? Alternatively I guess downloading the Rossini app to my i-pad will provide the function for the Rossini Transport alone.

I note your comment on the Vivaldi Transport. The difference in cost between the two is substantial. Given the low usage profile of silver disc by me, it would take a lot of persuasion to make one a reality on my component rack. However your advice has altered some of my expectation of the result of mixing the two ranges. So; thinking cap back on.

The RS232 protocols are different, but the IR codes are the same. Your existing remote will work fine with the Rossini Transport.

In terms of upgrade value the Upsampler will give you the greatest return overall considering the fact that streaming is becoming your primary source. If discs are taking a back seat in your system then Rossini Transport is probably going to have a much more sensible value proposition for you.

Thanks again Andrew for your excellent advice.