Mosaic: Radio Aggregator Problems

On two occasions over the past week the entire radio service has disappeared from Mosaic. I cannot remember the precise details of the first occasion but it is now 12:44 BST and Mosaic is just searching, searching, searching… All other Mosaic services are working fine so it is not my network.

On previous the occasion last week when the service resumed about an hour after I first tried all of my favourite stations had been removed and I had to find and select them again ( a couple of names not recalled by me so now lost).

NB: the absence of the service has occurred using both iOS and Android versions of Mosaic Control app.

We are seeing some intermittent issues with our service provider which can impact Radio and/or other streaming services. There’s nothing we can do here except wait. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Andrew. BTW, now 14:08 BST, Radio still missing. Oh well.

No services working (4.15pm UK) :frowning:

Thanks adm95, that confirms that it isn’t just me. I am writing at 17:43 BST over an hour after you and there is still no service . So that means it has been dead for 5 hours at least .

I have been missing my usual Saturday afternoon session with BBC R3. I tried to hook up my old PC based computer audio system in substitution but as I haven’t used it for so long all I managed to do was to start a 2hr+ massive Win 10 update session :frowning_face:

Andrew , looking at some of the recent postings this afternoon ( my time) it may not simply be a straightforward problem with the radio aggregator as other Mosaic users are reporting failures with Tidal and Qobuz. I have checked and I cannot get connection to Qobuz either, in common with them. This is using an Android device so the iOS v.13.5 problem is not the cause.

So it looks currently as if many of us can only play local files.

The service which provides the radio library also provides the interface for the other streaming services as well. They are experiencing an outage which is impacting a number of their customers (not just dCS). Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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This issue has been resolved: