Mosaic Question

I believe the update of my Upsampler completed and I have downloaded the new App. I have no issues playing Tidal content via the new app. I do have two questions.
1- Is my local content available for play via the new app? It is located on my Network no via connected USB. This is where my Roon is found,.

  1. I downloaded the Quick Reference Guide and on the first page under Media Browsing it indicates “Looking for Something To Play”. Tap the (?) button on the navigation bar and find all your music in one place. I do not see this icon anywhere nor do I know what you mean by Navigation Bar.

Sorry if these are too simple of questions.

Hi @still-one, your music will need to be on a UPnP server to be visible in Mosaic. If your storage is on a Roon core then you’ll need to use Roon for playback. No issue in doing that as there’s no sonic advantage to one or the other.

We had issues deciding how to layout the quick start guide as that icon changes depending on the source you have selected.

Check out the getting started section of the user guide for more info: