Mosaic (or QOBUZ?) randomly reshuffling my play queue

That’s what’s happening: I wanted to listen to the great Abbado’s Beethoven V, and the four movements got reshuffled in the following order: 1 - 3 - 2 - 4

Is there an auto reshuffle setting somewhere that I am missing?

Thank you


Yes there is and you may have inadvertently engaged it. It is one of the Mosaic control buttons. To see and alter it, use Portrait View of Mosaic and expand the control area at the bottom of the screen (swipe up from it). The shuffle control icon is two arrows crossing each other to the right side of the Play/Pause control. There is also a repeat function with two arrows forming an ellipse as an icon which is to the left side of the Play/Pause control.


Ooohh… THERE! Ok, I must have touched it on my iPhone without even noticing.

Thank you!