Mosaic not forming playlist in Tidal


Not strictly a dCS issue, I think, but it could be. I have also asked Tidal for help.

I use a network bridge feeding my active speakers via AES. All components in mosaic are updated to current.

ONLY in Tidal, mosaic is not enabling playlists or even single requests. Everything displays as usual till you hit ‘play now’. The playlist sometimes does display the selection, but it’s greyed out. And sometimes there is no display at all. But nothing plays.

There is an error message:


Could not add items to playlist. No items were added. (No playitem found).

No issues with the NAS, USB, Spotify,

Any help would be appreciated

Best regards


Hi Aubrey,

Can I suggest that - as a test - you change your TIDAL password to something nice and simple (i.e. basic alphanumeric), update your password in Mosaic and try that again…

What you’re describing sounds like something that I’ve seen previously when there’s a password / login issue with TIDAL in that you can browse but not add / play.

(Of course, once proven through one way or another, you can then change your password back to something you’re comfortable with.)



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Phil, many thanks for your reply…it turned out that the subscription had lapsed, my card had been blocked due to a hacking attempt.

Best wishes