Mosaic not connecting to Rossini using Android with VPN

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I decided to start using a VPN for all my home devices. So far so good except Mosaic on my Android phone doesn’t work while the VPN is active (the app shows “Lost connection to DCS Rossini DAC”). Interestingly, Mosaic on my ipad works fine while the VPN is connected.

Any ideas? When I disconnect from the VPN everything works perfectly.

Andre, usually a VPN is active from the Home Router/Gateway facing out into the Internet, I don’t quite understand why there would be a VPN involved between the elements within your home. :thinking:

In any case, it’s more than likely your Android phone does not allow IP multicast (SSDP queries) across the VPN, in which case it won’t discover the Rossini. Thats usually the case for any VPN software (unless specifically configured), so I’m not sure how your iPad is working, are your sure it’s talking to the Rossini via the VPN software?

Hi Anup,
I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Both my Android phone and my iPad use the same VPN software (NordVPN). I’ll read about IP multicast and see if there are any settings I can configure.

Ahhh. Ok, so what you want to look into explicitly is to configure your NordVPN on your Android with “split tunneling”.

The “split” comes from allowing Mosaic on your local network to access the Rossini without going through the VPN stack, while at the same time allowing you to surf the 'net over the VPN stack.

Anup, Thanks!!

That worked. I went to the VPN app and allowed split tunneling to Mosaic. I really do appreciate you and the other members of the forum providing such high quality information. This is not the usual internet forum, in a good way!

Good stuff, glad to hear it :grin: :+1:t2: