Mosaic issues and desires

I have several issues with DCS Mosaic:

  1. It is hard to adjust the volume, even with the expanded scale. Your finger covers up the control and you cannot tell what is happening.
    Why not have + and - buttons like the use on BlueOS? One tap is a .5 db change.
  2. I have not found a way to quickly switch from playing something in my UPNP library to using Qobuz. There needs to be a home button that takes you directly to the music source page.
  3. I’m not sure if UPNP can do this, but I have program booklets (pdf) files in each Library album directory. It would be really wonderful to read the booklet while I listen to the album.
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in answer to #2 at least on the iPhone version of Mosaic the bottom left button on the screen acts as a home button going to the source select page. next button I think is the list of tracks you are playing

It is on my android phone, but on only some of the screens of my iP{ad.

I would also like an upgraded Play from Here button. its hit or miss if I see it.

  • The booklet is also (usually) available on Qobuz too.
  • And track names and album names need to scroll. For classical music, these can be very long.