Mosaic "half connected" to Rossini again

This seems to happen pretty regularly.

If I go without connecting to my Rossini Player for a while, on the order of a few weeks, when I open the Mosaic app it sees the Rossini player, it’s connected to it but all of the menus are completely blank. For example, if you tap “Device” it shows nothing. If you tap “Audio” it shows nothing.

Yet it knows the Rossini Player is there and has the correct IP address for it.

When this happens the only way to get things working again is to power cycle the Rossini Player.

Note the Rossini Player is working just fine, I can play CDs, music via digital inputs, etc.

It’s just it will not talk to Mosaic anymore.

This is happening to my 2 month old Bartok as well which is rather disturbing

I’m sure there is shared code in the firmware, and obviously Mosaic is the same.

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The Bartók, Rossini, Vivaldi Upsampler, and Vivaldi One all use the exact same network board (StreamUnlimited Stream800). The Network Bridge uses an ever-so-slightly different one (StreamUnlimited Stream820), but same exact CPU architecture. The software is all a common code base so there is effectively no difference in the software between any of the products. There is not anything in the code which changes performance of the streaming interface depending on the device in which the card is installed.

StreamUnlimited-Stream800.pdf (250.8 KB)

Then it sounds like something in the network board firmware stops responding to Mosaic after some period of time or just returns zeroes for everything.

Is it worth contacting dCS directly about this type of thing, or do they see issues reported here?

More precisely, the assembled collection of hardware and software is called dCS Mosaic.

dCS network streaming utilizes an app that runs on an iPad or equivalent; the dCS app is called Mosaic Control, the dCS Mosaic Processor is the physical hardware component and associated software/ firmware that is installed in the dCS product to provide streaming functionality, running on a network board inside, with a modified StreamUnlimited add-on card.

dCS is well aware of these issues.

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Thanks - all I really care about is they know that eventually the DACs stop talking to the app and the DAC needs to be power cycled to restore functionality.

My Bartok is less than 2 months old and I’m facing similar issues. I need to power cycle to restore and sometimes that don’t work until I do so for a few times. It does affect my listening as I can’t switch between Line to Headphone out. Hopefully someone is on top of it…

Anyway, attached some screenshots to illustrate the issues

I wanted to add a note here that after using it for a month I can pronounce this issue completely resolved (at least I haven’t seen it) by Mosaic 1.1.1.

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BillK that’s good to hear. I wonder if v1.1.1 has also solved @Petzzz21 similar problem?