Mosaic frozen in mobile or IPad

Hi, I’m using always Mosaic with my Bartok. Always work well but reciently when I select something in Qobuz or Radio and after playing or change volume - im using Bartok as pre amp- the Mosaic screen in my phone , Google Pixel 7 , is completely frozen I cannot do nothing except go backwards till I restart again finding my Bartok in my network. Then play something and again frozen , and backwards…every time. I restart all, Bartok, phone, but every time the same problem,also using my IPad Mosaic is frozen in the screen. There is something I can do…? Thank you

I recheck and test all one more time and seems the frozen problem starts always using my Pixel 7 Pro, and not when is the I Pad who controls volume and selecting songs.

Problems of losing connection are usually associated with the user’s network. However in this case we have two devices using different platforms both of which are connected to the same network. One works ( iOS) and one doesn’t ( Android), at least consistently.

I am afraid this is basic but go to Play Store and reinstall Mosaic. Your current version may be corrupted. At least it’s a start.

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Thank you Pete , I delete and reinstall Mosaic in Play Store and now is working properly in Apple and Android, no more frozen screens! Thanks

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