Mosaic feature request: DAC configuration

Settings for clock, filters, etc configurable without having to play that particular file type. For example, if I want to configure a filter for 24bit/192KHz that is different from the 16bit/44.1KHz one I have to play a 24/192 file and set it as it plays. Moreover, I can only see the specific setting while the DAC is in that bit rate & sample mode. I would like to be able to see and set all my configs in one place without the need to play the specific file type.


Hi Miguel,

I meant can you email them into [email protected] please…?

Sorry for the confusion.


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It would be good if, as in the version of the application for DCS Bartók, you could save all these settings and keep them in case you need to reinstall DCS Mosaic.

I don’t think Mosaic per-se stores anything, they are stored in the DAC.

You are probably right that Mosaic does not save any data and the settings are stored in the device. However, if such data could be saved, it would be a great help.