Mosaic crash after few seconds

At the moment that’s not possible I am in bed again with high fever. I think I could have gotten COVID.

Indeed stand up to switch off the Bartok is, right now, a really hard and tough job to do.

But I am isolated in the living room

So I could do things only standing on my sofa

Beside I have already tested a lot of different devices and all have the same problem.

I was a bit confused to hear that Mosaic crashed on both devices, the iPhone and the iPad. And iOS is known to be very stable. The network configuration is well installed, and works well with all devices except the Bartók.

„And finally a question for @James: is it possible for Stefano to re-install the latest Bartok firmware without using Mosaic, to make sure Bartok is okay?“ In my opinion This, it was Your idea and question, is the next thing to clarify. Stefano should take his Bartók to the dealer.

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This could be done without leaving the bed.

Go to Apple Store, search and download „dcs Bartók“, NOT mosaic
Start it, and press immediately at the wrench symbol in the right upper corner
Information —> version

Then You hopefully see this:

Compare. Do You have the same versions for front panel, control board and network board?


wrench = chiave = Schraubenschlüssel

Wishing you a speedy recovery Stefano! :smiley:

By the way Carsten makes a good suggestion, try the legacy Bartok control app, just to see what happens.

That said, it’s still quite possible this is somehow network related, specifically your Fritz!Box and it’s WiFi that your iPhone/iPad/Android communicate through. Once you’re well enough, you may want to try to borrow/buy another WiFi access point to try out. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thank you guys
The Bartok app works very well.
Problem solved!
Thanks again


Dear Stefano,
that‘s good to hear. Congratulations.

Interestingly i‘ve found some reports in other boards about people having troubles in multimedia data communication with the grey Netgears. The GS-608 has a energy saving function, and some believe that this „green function“ could cause these data communication problems.
So it may be worth a try to replace the GS-608 with a switch without green function, for example the Netgear GS-108 (the blue one), which costs about 30 €. I have the GS-105 running, works perfect.

Greetings, Carsten

Thanks. Carsten.

But wait, what does this mean? Does this mean Mosaic is now working as well? Or only that the Bartok app works?

Only the Bartók app works
Mosaic has the same problem

Do You have the newest software versions installed on the Bartók?

There are 3 units inside:
1.) front panel version, newest is 1.10
2.) control board version, newest is also 1.10
3.) network board version, newest is 504

My Bartok didn‘t work properly before installing the newest versions. And i made the same experience You actually have: The Bartók app was running, the Mosaic not properly. Since i upgraded the Bartók, both app‘s run well.