Mosaic Album/Artist listing

[Network Bridge Serial No.455500004555000053068, Mosaic Processor version 1.0.1 (501) and Mosaic Control version 1.0.1 (38)]

I am evaluating the Network Bridge with the intention of buying one to replace the Bridge II renderer in my PS Audio DirectStream DAC. Currently I use MinimServer software on a Synology NAS to serve music and control play using BubbleUPnP software. This setup has been ultra reliable for several years, playing music gaplessly with no dropouts, clicks etc. The great majority of my music library of 100k tracks is CD quality. I had no problems installing the Network Bridge: I am using the single AES output to connect to the PS Audio DAC. My immediate impression was a noticeable improvement in sound quality relative to that from the PS Audio Bridge II renderer: the music was noticeably more involving. Subsequent investigation revealed an issue of major importance to me:

Navigating my library down through Service > UPnP > NAS library > Genre > Albums > alphabetical list > Albums ‘B’ (say) the display shows album title on the 1st line and composer on the 2nd line. A large proportion of my library is classical music so I use the ‘album’ metadata heading to define a classical ‘work’. As I have multiple performances of many works I need a display that has ‘artist’ not ‘composer’ on the 2nd line. Is this a possible option with Mosaic? I have been unable to find any relevant information in the user guide. I have set up the tag options within MinimServer to {Album, Artist} and this is how tracks are displayed by the BubbleUPnP control app. Why does this not work with Mosaic? (Note I very rarely use Playlists, preferring to choose individual works for listening.)

Given this problem I checked using BubbleUPnP control instead of Mosaic. This gave me the Album/Artist display I’ve been using for years. Because the Network Bridge does not support gapless play with BubbleUPnP control I will have to use Mosaic control so it is very important to me to be able to get an Album/Artist listing with Mosaic. It is quite likely that in the 4 days I’ve been using the Network Bridge and Mosaic I may have not found a feature in Mosaic that will give this library listing. If this listing mode is not currently possible I’d be grateful for advice and suggest you address this issue urgently as I suspect there are probably many other users with the same requirement.

Hi @DavidL,

The issue that you are seeing with the composer being used in place of the artist name is a bug that was caught just prior to the release of Mosaic 1.0.0. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to fix it then. It’s been corrected in the latest development code and will be included with 1.0.2 when it ships (which will be soon).

As for gapless playback with 3rd-party UPnP control points this is a known limitation and we are not planning to make any changes here. With UPnP the control point software owns the play queue and handles the process of advancing to the next track. Although we provide a UPnP renderer interface and interface with UPnP servers for content, the underlying mechanism that we use for playback is proprietary and is not UPnP. Making our playback engine compatible with vanilla UPnP for gapless playback would severely cripple its functionality due to the number of limitations in the UPnP protocol.

Gapless playback is fully supported with Mosaic Control and as mentioned above the issue that you’ve noted with the incorrect population of the artist field will be corrected shortly.

Thanks for the very prompt and comprehensive reply. I think you just made a sale!

This may be covered by the response from Andrew but in the Mosaic play queue it shows for each track the album artist and not the track artist as such. In Minimserver, I use ‘Artist’ to define track artist and ‘Album Artist’ to define album artist. This is very helpful for compilation albums but in the Mosaic queue I only see ‘Various Artists’ or such for each track. The playing now window though shows the correct track artist. I am getting the feel of Mosaic but hopefully future versions will be more BubbleuPnP like - e.g. larger cover art, track numbers, total playing time and scroll bar.

Album Artist will be shown in the Artist field for lists of albums of other containers. Track Artist will be shown for lists of tracks (album / container contents and the Play Queue).

Hi Andrew

Any idea when Mosaic 1.0.2 might be released - you quoted “which will be soon” on July 25?

(I’m getting fed up with having to use BubbleUPnP to access Album/Artist as it does not do gapless play with the Network bridge.)