Mosaic 1.1.3 failure

it works fine now. needs to reboot a few times

Did you power cycle your network bridge, as recommended here?

I had to reboot the Rossini a few times as well.

Same with Bartok… power cycle 3 times to get it working. Installed and working now

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Only had to bounce my Rossini Player once.

The app said it was rebooting and it didn’t, so I had to power switch reboot it, and it came right up with the new firmware.

Funny that - I rebooted my Rossini manually (with the switch on the back) just once, right before initiating the update from the Mosaic app. The app told me it would reboot Rossini after the update, and it did - although it took quite some time and the screen on the Rossini still showed that it was updating firmware.

No extra reboots required after that.

On my Upsampler I rebooted prior to initiating the update and didn’t have to touch it again. It was all back up and ready when completed.

My Mosaic app said reboot had failed and I would need to reboot manually, and then lost contact. The front panel still said it was updating.

Following a power switch reboot my RP came back up and shows the new Mosaic version as installed.

Yes indeed, the Mosaic app lost the plot a little bit and lost contact with the device. I decided to wait a bit, which turned out was the right thing to do as the device did reboot by itself in the end - after which the app regained contact.