Missing files on NAS drive

I recently implemented a Synology NAS drive and MinimServer. I moved my music files from my Mac Pro (where they were previously “served” by Audirvana to my Rossini) to the NAS. I used Minimserver to sync and “refresh” the server.

Using Mosaic app on an iPad, I can see and play the files, except that several are “missing”. They are present when I look at the NAS drive’s files via the SYnology web app, but are not listed or available via Mosaic.

Thinking that perhaps the “missing” files per se were corrupted, I first (using Synology’s web app) removed the “missing” files and then re-transferred them from the Mac Pro. I used MinimServer to issue a new re-sync and “refresh” .

The files can (still) be seen using the Synology web app, but Mosaic still does not list them.

What am I doing incorrectly?

PS: I can play the “missing” files from the Mac Pro using Audirvana, so the files per se are not corrupted, truncated, or incorrectly formatted.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Craig,

At the risk of asking an obvious question, have you ‘Re-scaned’ in MinimServer?


Quite often it’s file tag associated issues. You’ll likely see those albums show-up in Mosaic (via Minimserver) under the [untagged] collection.

As a follow up, rectifying meta data/tags can be performed with various utilities, mp3tag is pretty good as is perfecttunes from dBPoweramp



Another one that really tickles my Mac bone is Yate: