Minimserver2 Paid Version

Minimserver now has a paid for sibling and the current version 0.8.5 is no longer supported though at present still functional. I feel that I should contribute to the maintenance of the program but slightly anxious that Minimserver2 will not be fully compatible with Mosaic. Has anyone taken the plunge yet?

I updated to the paid version some 4 weeks ago and have had no problems that I relate to the transition. My Network Bridge runs the latest version of Mosaic and my Synology NAS runs the MinimServer 2.0x (latest version).
MinimServer can do some things that the earlier version did not.
You can folllow the development on
Very fast and good support, too.
The only issue I have is related to the fact that Mosaic has problems remembering items (songs) in playlists containing NAS files. See the thread on this forum Mosaic Playlists

Running MinimServer 2.0 on Synology NAS, also with no problems.

Thanks for the Intel guys. My QNAP model HS453-DX is not listed on the Minimserver site so just waiting for confirmation of version I need then good to go.

No problem at all with minimserver/minimstreamer 2. Works like a charm.