Lower output from right channel from balanced output

Hello, my first input here!

I have a Rossini Dac (non Apex) with Rossini clock. Latest updates and using the balanced output (2V) to a Grandinote Shinai integrated amp (full balanced).
Some week ago I noticed a clearly lower volume in the right channel and after about 15 minuter there was a moderate ”poff” in the right speaker and all of a sudden the full volume was back. Same thing happened a few times but now the right channel is permanent lower.
The unbalanced output is working ok with same level on both channels

Hi Eskil,

If that is the case then I would suggest that your best course of action would be to contact your nearest dealer - that sounds like a physical fault I’m afraid.

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Phil Harris

Sorry, the message went away too early, I continue!!

When trying the unbalanced output all was working normally, same level on both channels. And moreover I noticed the overall output level was substantially higher than with balanced output. And to my ears the sound was definitely better as well with more body to the sound. And according to the manual it shouldn’t, rather the opposite.

Has anyone faced something like this? To me it seems like there’s something wrong with amplifying of the balanced output.


Just to add a little to Phil’s comment. Before contacting your dealer try to make sure that the fault is with Rossini and not the balanced input to the Shinai. To check simply swap the Rossini balanced cables to the preamp at the amp end so that right output feeds left input and left feeds right. Does the fault move from right to left channels? If it does then it is a Rossini issue. If it remains right channel it is more likely to be a preamp issue.

Either way this sounds like the kind of fault that cannot be rectified on an online forum. Phil’s advice is appropriate.

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Thanks for the reply!

I’ve already had the Shinai tested as I first thought it was the amp that was faulty. But it wasn’t.

At the moment I use a Oppo blue-ray player instead of the Rossini, using it’s balanced output and it works very well, no problem.


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Could the balance control on the rossini be not central? I guess this would effect both outputs so probably not.

True Duncan but the volume control setting would not affect this:

So it looks like a visit to the local dealer for Eskil.

That could be a possibility but I’ve checked it up and it’s not.

Yes, I guess so!
Thanks anyway!