Loving all the new KB articles!

Whether it’s @Andrew, or @James, or @PAR, or some combination of all three, it’s great to see these resources going up.

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Greg, I am at a loss, what is a KB article?

BTW, just in case there is any confusion Andrew and James are dCS staff, I am just a geezer!

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Oh, I know Pete. But you’re about as knowledgeable as any insider. Anyway, KB is “Knowledge Base,” same as FAQs, and several of our interesting recent discussions have suddenly appeared as KB articles. It’s a good thing.

Not really but thanks for the compliment.

Yes, I agree that retaining the official dCS response to some of the dialogues here as FAQs is a great thing . I hope that people will search that area on this forum before posting questions that have been dealt with.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to your optical input experience with your Vivaldi. I would try it myself with my Panasonic OLED TV but I only have a 1m toslink cable in my spares box and my TV is at Least 5m from my DAC.

Yes, I am going to report on that separately. So far, it’s not encouraging. I have this feeling that dCS are correct, that however LG specs their optical output, it is not sufficiently exact for the dCS DACs. But to be sure, I am going to connect the LG and Vivaldi only.