Love my new Rossini DAC, but Mosaic control kludgy on my iPhone 12 Pro Max

As my new Rossini DAC burns in, I am amazed at how it sounds in my system. Due to the COVID pandemic I had to buy it without ever auditioning, as there is no local dealer and travel restrictions prevented me to travel elsewhere in Canada to listen before I purchased.

However, I am definitely finding Mosaic control is challenging to mainly control my Tidal HiFi account. Not infrequently the app loses connection with the DAC. If I am playing an album and want to search Tidal for something else, often it is very challenging getting the search to work. Hitting search doesn’t often work and I need to go through multiple steps and sometimes quit app and re-enter to change the album or do a search. As others have noted, changing the volume is sometimes challenging. Sometimes when I try to slide the volume control the screen starts flashing different bright colours and nothing happens to the volume. If it does work, it is hard to do fine control changes. All of this is a bit unexpected given the cost of the unit. Certainly using other control software on my phone has been a lot smoother in the past (including Lightning DS; Audirvana & Roon) in terms of integrating with Tidal. Praying that dCS eventually offers Tidal Connect or alternatively, does a major fix on Mosaic control. Thanks.

This is almost certainly an issue with your network. There are many, many postings archived here concerning similar issues. You may wish to search them.

If you cannot find an answer to your problem, post the identity of your router/switch and hopefully one of the more knowledgable people here will be able to take you through any router configuration issues that may be pertinent.

There is a fix in respect of Mosaic discovery issues promised but we have now been awaiting it for a while.

I suspect Pete is right. While Mosaic is not my first choice, it is generally rock solid. I have only experienced problems with Mosaic when something else is already wrong, e.g., network (or a switch) is down or my Upsampler is off line. Otherwise, music selection, Qobuz/Tidal, volume and other device controls work just fine.

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Just to say that I agree with the above that it will most likely be network issue noting I have a Rossini and for the past week have also been using an iPhone 12 Pro. If you know someone who really understands networks (forgive me if you do) I’d get it checked out.


Paul, as I said earlier, post details of your network. There are network experts here, both correspondents and dCS staff members. However without the needed information they cannot comment. It is most likely to be default settings in your router that are the problem and which therefore need to be changed. So make and model of your router are essential as are details of any network switch that you may use.

BTW, I am most certainly not one of the experts so I am just hopeful that if you provide the information one of them will pick up on your problem.

A lot of my issue don’t seem to be connecting with network, although sometimes the DAC connection or responsiveness randomly happens.

But I find the app kludgy to search music on Tidal. For example, I’ll be listening to an album and then I want to search for a new artist. So I hit the search button down on the bottom of iPhone screen and it doesn’t take me immediately to search so I can type in the new artist. I may have to hit the search button to go through two or three screens to go back through my last search until I get to the screen where I can enter a new artist. Sometimes it won’t go back to that and I have to go the globe icon and back into Tidal and then hit search again and will be able to type in a new artist or album or track.

As I primarily stream Tidal, Tidal connect would be much more user friendly as long as it includes volume control.

Oops, I meant I agree that it’s probably a network issue. My network is working fine.