Lina stack sleep mode

I just set up my Lina stack (DAC, clock, amp) and I m wondering how to put the system into standby…

So just the DAC, I understand what to do. But is there a way to push a single button and put all 3 units in standby?

If I put the DAC into standby, the other 2 units remain powered on. I can then put the clock into standby.

It’s the amp I can’t seem to get to do anything other than on/off.

What am I missing? Apologies if this is silly but I read the manuals and searched and yeah… I’m lost LOL

Thanks so much for your help!

Oh, and this is just an incredible setup. I am having a blast listening to music!!

Welcome to the community Judd.

This one had me stumped for a bit as well when I first got the Lina stack. Assuming you’ve wired-up the Power Link cables appropriately as described in the manual, a quick/brief press of the DAC power button puts just the DAC to sleep, but press-and-hold for a bit and you’ll see “POWER OFF” on the DAC screen and all 3 units are soft-powered down together. Just a quick press will wake them all up again.

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I prefer to soft-power down the DAC and the amp and turn off the clock with the switch on the back. Sleep mode uses too much energy, I read on this forum.

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Have you connected the Power Link cables?

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First off, THANK you all for your replies.

I just held the power button as described and the DAC screen had the “Power Off” message, followed by all 3 units shutting down.

I’m used to seeing some form of a standby “light” on my electronics, but all 3 units had their power lights go dark. I’m assuming this is normal but wanted to confirm I did this correctly and that this is the best way to leave my stack after a session; in standby… so that it’s ready to go for the next round. Is this all correct?

Thank you so much!

Something sounds incorrect with the regards to the clock light going dark.

I’m not sure that is incorrect. Unlike the rest of the dCS range, the single chassis button has a number of functions. Power/on off, power on/sleep with power link and input selector. When used for the latter there is a changeable coloured light but this indicates the input selected , not sleep mode.

Τhe light on my clock only goes dark by the switch on the back. Otherwise it just goes darker.

Thanks. Could this just be a semantic issue where Judd’s “Dark” is the same as your “Darker” ?

Could be but then “dark” in the same sentence is used to mean twice completely dark and once only darker. I’m not a native English speaker so maybe saying “dark” is good enough to mean something less bright than before.

By “dark” I mean OFF. No light indicator on any of the 3 units is on in any way.

I need a FW update for my Master Clock because by pressing and holding the power button nothing happens regardless of what it says in the manual.

Edit: Never mind. I’m glad this thread was started. It turns out, if the clock is in sleep mode, long press doesn’t work. To turn off the clock with a long press, the indicator light must be bright. As one presses and holds the power button, the indicator light turns dim white first and eventually goes completely dark.

That’s correct. Technically, this is not Sleep mode when you do this, it’s soft-powered down (as opposed to the hard power off via the rear-switch).

In Sleep mode, the units are actually almost fully powered up inside, including the network board on the DAC, and you can wake the unit up from Mosaic Control. Some might find the unit sounds better taken off sleep this way, but I personally haven’t found a significant enough difference. So, YMMV.

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So I’m soft powering down. Got it.

So is there a way to put it in sleep mode that I’m missing?

To be clear, a way where the indicator lights show me the units are in standby/sleep and the system is warmed up at all times and “ready to go”?

If so, how. I’m sorry if I’m being daft :joy:

Yes for the Clock (dim white) when you briefly press its power button, but with the DAC, sleep mode doesn’t have an indicator that it’s different from power down (I’m not sure why). And there’s no sleep mode for the Amp.

You’re not being daft. Now that I think about it, unless I’m missing something as well, it’s a little all over the place :rofl: I just didn’t think about it before as I’ve been using the linked soft-power off all along.

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Exactly! So there is no way to leave the amp in standby, and since I have the stack linked via power triggers (the cat5 cables they include), if I power off the amp it in turn powers down the whole stack.

If I hold the power button on the DAC, it powers down the whole stack.

So SEEMINGLY, there’s no standby mode for the whole stack.

I think I need a whisky, now :joy::joy:

Again, thanks all for your input!

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As it says in the manual of the LINA amp:

Using Power Link

Power Link allows you to switch LINA units on and off at the same time, or put the LINA Network
DAC and LINA Master Clock in and out of sleep mode at the same time.

As @Anupc said: there is no sleep mode/ standby for the amp. I have the Lina amp as stand-alone, together with my Rossini Apex DAC and Clock, and also on its own it cannot be put into standby.


I think that sentence in the manual is in error; one can’t put the “DAC and Clock into sleep mode at the same time”, they can only soft-power down at the same time with a press-and-hold.

If you hit the front-power button on the DAC, or the Clock, they individually go to sleep, not together. Likewise from Mosaic Control’s [Standby] button, then only the DAC goes to sleep.

Unless I’m missing something, the Power Link trigger only seems to work for soft-power down (for now).

ps: this is different from the Vivaldi stack; from Mosaic Control I can power up the entire stack - VPP, VDC,VTT - from sleep with the [WAKE SYSTEM] button, except for the Clock, which doesn’t have a linked RS232 connection, so needs be awaken separately.