Lina stack. Dac stoping mid play ,Dac switching tracks at random

I have a Lina stack. I stream using Roon, Qobuz,Tidal etc. Recently I am having an issue with the Tracks stopping mid song and or changing tracks completely to another artist or album. Not sure if it’s a streaming issue or Lina Dac. Have it 2 years first time experiencing this particular issue?

Also what is the proper re-sync delay and channel mapping or downsample setting using Lina Dac with Roon? Can the sync setting be part of the issue?

Have you rebooted your Roon host? I had this skipping problem several months ago. A reboot resolved it for me.

Some qobuz Albums play only the first 30 seconds, the 30 seconds are indicated behind the song name.

Have to say this happened more a while ago

Do you find that certain tracks always fail to play completely, and others always play correctly?

If certain tracks are only playing for 30 seconds, it is usually as the content is geo-restricted and not licenced to play in your location, so the service will only play a 30 second ‘preview’ of the track.

Is this issue only when using TIDAL or Qobuz through Roon, or does it also happen within the dCS Mosaic app? If only through Roon, then Vince’s suggestion of rebooting the core is definitely one to do :+1:

These shouldn’t be the cause, no - have you changed any of these settings from the defaults?
Zone grouping delay defaults to 0, and downmixing should be set to “Downmix as needed”.