Lina Dac and two amp set up's?

Hi, I have a Lina stack and a WA 33 elite+Jps tube amp. Can I use both sets of Lina Dac out puts? One for the Lina Amp connection and one for the WA 33 tube amp both connected at the same time so I can A/B the output?

The balanced XLR to the Lina amp and the Unbalanced RCA to the WA 33 amp?

It is normal dCS practice to ensure that the XLR and RCA outputs of the DAC are fully buffered. So dual connection is possible. Remember, though, when making comparisons that the cables may alter the sound and the two cannot be identical in this situation. Also bear in mind that the input sensitivities of the two amplifiers are not likely to be the same.

Thanks for the quick response. Can you clarify how you would make these connections. Lina Dac XLR to “buffered” lina Amp input. Then the RCA out of the Lina Dac to the WA 33?

I checked the spec online of the WA 33 which has one RCA input. So it is straightforward unless I misunderstand what you intend. XLR out from the DAC to XLR in on the Lina amp. RCA out from the DAC to the RCA input of the WA 33.

Note that the XLR and RCA DAC outputs will both be “live” at the same time.

I caution against just quickly doing a/b comparisons. You will discern differences but psychoacoustics may make conclusions misleading. We do not listen normally like this and longer term aberrations can go completely unnoticed. Further, changes can be misinterpreted, for example what may be heard as more detail might just be excess treble. After hearing excess bass, correct bass may sound too lean initially. Longer term listening to either may prove more rewarding.

Anthony, again: UNbuffered

Understood, To clarify I was a bit unclear. I am not really looking to do quick A/B comparisons. I am more looking to see what the difference really is and does a tube amp chain of this quality have a place in my audio hobby. I mostly wanted to make sure I am not doing anything that will damage the equipment?