Lina connections / cable & Inputs etc

Hi, have the Lina………loving it so far. IN the manual it says to connect to the Dac/Amp using the unbuffered interconnects.

My Dealer tells me to use the BUFFERED connect especially with my Abyss 1266’s.

Would there be any issue doing that? Also on a quick try the input selection said it would go to BLUE. In fact it pays in the Magenta color input with the buffered connection.
I want to make sure I will not use this connection until I can be sure I wont cause any issues?

Hi Anthony,

There won’t be any issues with using the buffered inputs on the amp, but the quality won’t be as good as with the unbuffered input. As you are using the Lina DAC, you also don’t need the extra drive that comes from the buffered input on the amplifier. If you need some extra volume on the system, make sure the DAC Output Level is set to 6V not the 2V default, and that the amplifier is in high gain mode (the gain switch under the volume control set to the right hand side).

The buffered input is there for if you are using a DAC without sufficient drive to use the unbuffered inputs. The Lina system definitely has enough to drive the 1266 with the unbuffered input, so you should use this.

Thank you, would you say the same for the Susvara cans?

Yes, the same is true for the Susvara.

With a full Lina system, you won’t need to use the buffered inputs for extra gain with any headphones, and you’ll get the best quality from the unbuffered inputs. The system has plenty of drive for those on 6V / high gain :slight_smile:

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James thank you for your responses, i much appreciate your time. Having the opportunity to enjoy Lina and HP’s like the 1266 and Susvara is really special and a long time working towards for over 5 decades of my audio hobby. Like many we are always searching to optimize our investment. There is a lot of snake-oil related to cable out there however good intentioned it may be.

Given that I’m trying to make the best choice for interconnections on my Lina. Can you recommend whether silver or copper or some combination of cables would optimize Lina. I know you may not usually endorse a brand, perhaps you could steer me towards a type of cable so I can get a good match without endlessly searching?

One dealer recommends silver………another says not to use silver with this set up and 1266 or Susvara. Any thoughts or direction on the interconnect front since you guys designed and manufactured the gear I have to think you have some guidance here as you did with the buffered and unbuffered question I asked.


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James, Maybe you can advise. Upon turning my lina on today the DAC screen is grayed out. It is functioning buy washed out color?

Hi Anthony,

I have replied to other postings elsewhere so if you can contact us at [email protected] with a photo of your display then we can pick this up with you and assist.

Best Regards

Phil Harris