LINA blank Grey / Backlit screen and unresponsive unit controls


I have the truly wonderful LINA DAC and it has a quirk that I would like to get checked out. If I set the display to off (just the lower four buttons lit), then I power it back up from standby, (soft-start, not via the rear power switch), the screen will be grey and empty - the backlight is clearly on, but no writing on the screen at all. Furthermore, the four buttons below will not work, and neither will the unit respond to remote control inputs EXCEPT for on / standby using my lovely used Purcell remote bought from eBay a few weeks ago with the LINA 2.0 upgrade. The only solution is to use Mosaic to switch the screen back to on (which works), and then off again and the whole screen goes black as it should, leaving the four circles illuminated.

This seems like a fault, but a consistent and reproducible one - I had hoped the LINA 2.0 firmware update would cure it, but alas no…

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you again for an incredible DAC, please oh please don’t say it needs a service visit; I’m not sure I could be without it!

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the report - we weren’t aware of that issue but we have been able to reproduce it this morning so it is logged as a bug for resolution by the software team.

Thank you for the kind comments on the Lina DAC - I agree with you, it is an absolutely FANTASTIC bit of kit in my opinion too.

It won’t need a service visit - this should be something that we can resolve in software in a future firmware release.

Once again, thank you for letting us know of this issue.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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Thanks Phil!

That’s excellent news indeed; so glad it’s a processing quirk that should be sortable over the internet in due course…

ATB! :smiley:

Can I add a note, I have noticed that the screen can’t be turned off when I turn the Lina on from standby, you can still adjust the screen brightness but the display on/off is not responding. @Phil

Try waiting several seconds - mine has a time lag following a request for the screen to come on or off of about two or three seconds before it responds…

Merry Christmas!

Hi Chris, I have waited more than 30 seconds but the screen stays on.
I will try to press and hold power button to turn it off and on again.

Merry Christmas.

Good plan, I have nothing else to suggest, sounds like one for Phil to take a look at…


Hi Richard,

Is this something that is always the case or is that something that works correctly for a while then occurs after some time until the unit is power cycled (or some other “reset” action performed) at which point it works again for a time?

Hi Phil,

I haven’t tested this further because I leave the display on and power off the unit when I’m finished listening.

The issue occurred when I used the Lina for a long time (don’t know exactly but say 72 hours) the display was turned off and I put the Lina in stand-by mode with the mosaic app. Next time I turned it back on with the mosaic app I noticed that I could not turn the display back on. This issue was resolved when I pressed the power button on the front panel to power off the Lina and power back on.

OK … can you please keep an eye out for it happening again and if it does then drop me an email at [email protected] - it’s much easier to crack into stuff that way than trying to pick up postings on here that can easily get lost in the churning seas of the forum. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Phil,

I don’t think I’ll run into this problem again because I power off the Lina at the end of a listening session.
If it’s a software issue then i guess all Lina’s got this problem and it’s reproducible then.

“My” (it’s not mine … just work issued of course) Lina DAC generally stays on 24/7 so I will keep an eye out for it here too … just that if you do encounter it again can you let me know?

Absolutely Phil, let you know when I encounter the issue again.
Thanks for your support so far, appreciate it.