Latest software for Purcell

Anyone knows if exist a software version for Purcell to activate aes ebu input at 192 khz?
It would be nice DC’s could do that.

When a product is discontinued and is replaced by a new line the development of software for it is generally also discontinued.

The reason why the single AES/EBU input to the Purcell is limited to sample rates of 96kS/s is that was the maximum rate allowed at the time of manufacture in the AES 3 protocol. In order to increase the rate dual AES was developed for Purcell’s output ( i.e. upsampling so for Purcell a 192 kS/s input would be a redundant feature ) and the matching DAC, Elgar’s, input.

So no is the answer you seek.

Ok but 974 accepts 192 KS/s input and is same hardware. I suppose firmware cannot compatible.
Looking the fw number 2.25 sometimes appears dB 2.00 and other times dB 0.00. is this normal?


don’t think that the actual hardware is the same. Different circuit components are used. The software is not either as each of the Elgar, Scarlatti and Vivaldi lines featured a complete rewrite io the software so effectively each runs on different platforms which was necessary as the earlier one reached the limit of what could be done. Software upgrades discontinue once products are withdrawn.

The display you are concerned about looks to me to be that of Elgar not Purcell as you are citing decibel levels which relate to Elgar’s volume control. BTW, aside from 0.00 dB, the others are negative numbers.

I have seen similar issues reported before and the probable answer is that the changing figures are not caused by a software fault. The volume control may be controlled by an infrared remote. If you have this it may have been operated by accident. For example I know of an IR remote that had been put away in a clear box. The owner couldn’t understand why the volume display was changing but when the box was touched the remote still able to operate. Another cause can be infrared from other sources such as the sun or other devices.

So check where the IR remote control is and that other devices are not mistakenly causing the volume control to operate. You can stick a piece of tape over the receptor eye to find out.

Hello. I have Purcell and Paganini DAC and as I know Purcell has no volume, restoring to factory doesn’t change this.
Anyone has firmware 2.25 cd?

No @PAR, I think Raúl is referring to the Purcell display and information that is shown there when you show the firmware version (I am guessing it might be a Display board fw version??), which from the enclosed looks like it should be Db:2.06 for Fw 2.25:

I doubt it should be changing randomly like that. Unfortunately my Purcell is long departed (as are the fw CDs) so I can’t check it but @Phil can no doubt enlighten us (and may even be able to help with a fw CD).

Yes, I mean Purcell and in history fwd appears what you say. Maybe fw is corrupt? I don’t know. Someone will enlighten us.
Edit, even before I turned off from pc cord, appeared filter 1 in menu in dsd mode. Now filter menu has disappeared as must be.



If you contact me at [email protected] I’ll work your issue through with you - rarely is “corrupted firmware” an actual issue as corrupted firmware normally would cause lockups or crashes not “clean” effects like volume not working of a filter option being missing so I think we have an issue to get to the bottom of.



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Referring to the manual excerpt above @Phil, what is Db:2.06? It appears in firmware tables for all the products of that generation and would appear to have something to do with IEEE 1394?

Hi @struts001

Db = Daughterboard - the IEEE board is the daughterboard.


Ah, thanks! So Raúl’s display flip-flopping between Db:2.00 and Db:0.00 definitely sounds a bit fishy. Good luck getting to the bottom of it.